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Fixed Income Data

With over 100 years of data collection, our Fixed Income data services provide quick, accurate and high quality data catered to your financial data needs


Our flexible information management utilities have been specifically developed to enable market participants to probe and evaluate facts and figures on corporate and municipal securities quickly and accurately.

We focus on ensuring the quality, timeliness and accuracy of data, both historical and current. Every data point is processed through a rigorous multi-stage validation process.

Drawing on more than a century of financial information-gathering expertise, we have continuously refined our dynamic database of municipal and corporate securities, making us one of the most detailed and organized fixed income information resources.

Data Solutions Products

On average, over 1,900 Corporate Bond Issues are added monthly as well as over 12,000 Municipal Bonds. Information includes detailed terms and conditions covering investment grade corporate debt issues, municipal bonds, high yield securities, US treasuries and agencies, and other sovereign and government debt securities. The database includes debentures, fixed, floating and adjustable rates, private placements, medium term notes (MTNs), convertible securities, bonds with embedded options and municipal securities.

Data set: US Taxable Fixed Income Database (Corporates)

This provides terms and conditions on over 398,000 publicly underwritten corporate securities issued in the United States: Yankees (US dollar-denominated securities issued by foreign issuers), supranational securities, convertible bonds, medium term notes, high yield, adjustable rate securities, ESOP securities, underwritten exchange offer securities, and more. Canadian corporate debt issues and treasury bonds are also included within the database.

Issue Information available:

  • Full Bond Description and Prospectus Issuer Name
  • Maturity date
  • Dated date
  • Coupon rate
  • Security level (senior, junior, etc.)
  • Offering amount/full amount outstanding history
  • Offering price and yield
  • Security identifiers
  • Variable rate changes
  • Full call, put and sinking fund schedules, call frequency
  • US Treasury auction information
  • Ratings changes
  • Exchange offers
  • Tender offers
  • Full and partial redemptions
  • Scheduled calls
  • Bond conversions
  • Ticker symbol changes
  • Convertible debt information
  • Underwriters, trustees and fiscal agents
  • Bankruptcy date
  • Interest defaults
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Security identifiers
  • Covenant information

Issuer information available:

  • Industry codes (SIC and NAICS codes)
  • Stock ticker
  • Issuer name and parent relationship
  • Bankruptcy and interest defaults
  • Bankruptcy date
  • Stock exchange listings
  • Domiciles/country
  • Security identifiers
  • Name changes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
Data set: US Municipal Fixed Income Database

This provides terms and conditions on over 3.6 million US municipal securities ranging from general obligation to revenue bonds, including taxable and refunding bonds, in both the primary and secondary markets.

Events listed below:

  • Issue Data
    • Tax code
    • Purpose
    • Security
    • Use of proceeds
    • Ratings collection
  • Maturity Data
    • Coupon dates
    • Pricing
    • Call schedules
    • Sinking funds
  • Secondary Data
    • Full and partial calls
    • Prefunded/unrefunded data
    • Defaults
Data screener: Bond Viewer

Our BondViewer® tool contains a wide-range of bond data, involving both issuer and issue-level terms and conditions for US taxable bonds, municipal bonds and retail notes. With the help of BondViewer we provide exclusive content that delivers the performance and flexibility our clients need in making informed business and investment decisions. The BondViewer tool allows clients to improve their bond data management with efficiency and convenience by managing and monitoring individual portfolios. Clients can select and save their research for further analysis and generate a variety of reports. 

Key features

  • Flexible application that allows subscriptions to be customized to query specific bond databases.
  • Ability to query on single or compound queries including issuer name, issue name, ticker, CUSIP, maturity date and much more.
  • Download and create customized reports and retrieve content on debt securities based on your needs.
  • Manage and monitor individual portfolios enabling subscribers to personalize and save their results for further analysis based on email addresses.

Client and technical support

  • A comprehensive online help tool to assist users to navigate the application
  • On-site product training.
  • Customized product support materials to assist users and promote usage.