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Exchange Traded Fund Data

Discover the power and potential of comprehensive ETF data


XTF provides comprehensive ETF ratings, research, and investment decision support tools to retail investors and financial institutions worldwide. ETFs are XTF’s only business. XTF's transparent methodology provides the most extensive investment decision support tools in the industry. Our analysts provide coverage on 100% of the US-listed Exchange Traded Products Marketplace. 


High quality ETF performance and composition data directly sourced from fund sponsors, custodians, exchanges since 2001

A comprehensive set of ETF Ratings, research and investment decision support tools to empower investors, traders and financial advisors with the ability to make informed decisions about ETF investing

Relevant, independent, timely and actionable research using proprietary methodology and databases

Objective, rules-based approach to classifying and rating ETFs by asset class, geography and currency

A complete picture of institutional and individual investor flows and passive fund manager allocations driving global markets

Content and features

  • Comprehensive database of every US listed ETF, including reference data, fund composition, and calculated metrics such as ETF Ratings, performance, thematic performance, fund flow, liquidity and asset allocation data
  • Transparent rating for every US exchange listed based on seven Structural Integrity measures and seven Investment Metric measures
  • Frequent updates to ETF data – daily and monthly – with new ETFs made available on the first day of trading
  • Long-dated history going back to every ETF’s inception date
  • Classification by geography, asset/sector objective, investment philosophy, index composition
  • Contains the composition history of each ETF, along with intraday trading and quote data for all US-traded ETFs and their components, and other related information
  • Fact Sheets on every US-listed ETP updated daily
  • Standard data feeds including: ETF Reference Data, ETF Constituents, ETF Analytics, ETF Analytics II, ETF Thematic Data
  • Customized data feed
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