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Sustainability and ESG Indexes

Where the ESG measurement meets the index instrument


FTSE Russell brings over 15 years of experience integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into benchmarks. 

Whether investors are motivated by specific ESG preferences or are seeking broad market and smart beta benchmarks that incorporate ESG issues, there is a FTSE Russell index to meet your needs.

Content and Features


The sustainability indexes that FTSE Russell calculates are all based on research and data from broad universes which cover Developed and Emerging markets.

Precise rules and focus on data

All of FTSE Russell’s sustainability indexes minimize subjectivity by having clearly defined rules for constructing the indexes and assessing companies.

Strong governance

The indexes and data models are governed by committees that act independently to advise on the methodologies and to ensure that they evolve with any changes in the market environment.


All of the FTSE Russell sustainability and ESG indexes can be customized to meet bespoke requirements