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Data and Index Solutions

Data packages

FTSE Russell's product suite has been designed to provide both breadth and depth and provide you with the most precise view of the market you need. Whether your requirement is detailed stock level information or index values for a market segment or sector, we have a package to meet your requirements.

End of day data

End of day packages are available for all our index families including all asset classes. Data available includes: aggregate index performance, constituent level data (including company names, identifiers, market cap, weights and prices) and historical data on most of our indexes. Also provided are services for tracking index notices and corporate actions.

Distribution is available either directly from FTSE Russell via FTP or from one of FTSE Russell’s third party vendors.


The FTSE Russell Real-Time Service offers real-time dissemination for the most commonly used FTSE and Russell indexes, across various asset classes, index methodologies and geographies.

Data licenses

FTSE Russell indexes and data are widely used by investors as the basis of financial products or as a tool for research and benchmarking performance. Various types of licenses for FTSE Russell indexes are available.

Running funds on a FTSE Russell index

If a passively managed fund, ETF or other financial product replicates the performance of a FTSE Russell index, you require a license from FTSE Russell to use the index and to refer to the name of the index in your marketing literature and other documents.

Other index-related products including OTCs

You require a license to launch any product whose performance is linked to the value of a particular index, for example, derivatives, bonds, swaps and OTC products and for all use of the FTSE Russell name or the name of a FTSE or Russell index in the marketing of the product. License fees differ according to the type of product.

Data distribution

If you pass FTSE Russell data to third parties or other users, including, but not limited to, hard copy, e-mail, software application, broadcast, intranet, non display applications, extranet or web distribution, you require a distribution license from FTSE Russell. There are different types of licenses depending on your requirements, so please contact Global Distribution.


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